Learning Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Goal 1

Majors will effectively develop and implement computational solutions to problems.

Students will:
  • Specify and design acceptable computational solutions;
  • Implement and test acceptable computational solutions;
  • Describe which data structures would be appropriate to use and explain why, given a problem;
  • Describe which algorithms would be appropriate to use and explain why, given a problem;
  • Design effective data representations for the storage and manipulation of large datasets where needed;
  • Utilize and understand statistical methods for the analysis of large datasets where appropriate.

Student Learning Goal 2

Majors will be competent with respect to biology and biotechnology:

Students will:
  • Describe information transfer within cells and between generations;
  • Understand high-throughput laboratory technologies used in biology to generate large datasets.

Student Learning Goal 3

Majors will analyze legal, social, and ethical considerations related to bioinformatics.

Students will:
  • Understand and analyze issues using different ethical frameworks;
  • Understand social, legal, and privacy implications of electronic storage and sharing of biological information.