Program Overview

Bioinformatics is an exciting, interdisciplinary field that applies mathematical and computational problems to solve biological problems. It also examines the ethical and social issues related to the rapid proliferation of biological data. Bioinformatics is transforming the medical community in countless ways, including drug discovery, diagnostics, treatments and cures because it allows for greater understanding of disease of the molecular level. 

The demand for individuals with bioinformatics expertise is soaring at all levels, from BS to PhD. Because New York State and the city of Buffalo are working to position Buffalo as a leader in the bioinformatics industry, the Canisius bioinformatics program is purposely career-oriented. 

As a Canisius bioinformatics program graduate, you will be well-prepared for direct entry into a lucrative bioinformatics career and have the necessary educational background for further graduate study in bioinformatics or in other fields such as biology, medicine, or computer science. The types of positions typically sought at this level are in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, or in academic and health care settings.  

Graduates are consistently accepted into top graduate schools including Yale, Berkely, Northwestern University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. The bioinformatics major is fully compatible with the college’s pre-medical curriculum, and one hundred percent of recent bioinformatics graduates have been accepted to medical school.

The college’s strong relationship with bioinformatics leaders in the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus enable students to participate in internships and competitive summer research programs at the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Hauptman Woodward Research Institute, among others.