Center for Professional Development

Center for Professional Development

New Programs for 2015:

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Introduction to Critical Thinking 

Mini MBA

A 10-week management development program that cultivates a fundamental understanding of the primary functions of operations management.

 Young Professionals Leadership Program

Through a series of workshops and networking events, this program will extend young professionals outside their comfort zone's in order to develop the necessary leadership and communication skills that are essential in today's business environment.


Human Resource Management

Critical Skills Gap

When asked what skills and leadership qualities managers desire most in top level employees, there is always a common answer: effective communication, the ability to think critically, the ability to work well in teams and a sense of creativity that can inspire others.


Continuous Process Improvement

In today’s competitive marketplace, customers have more choices than ever before.  If we are to keep our customers, we must continually improve our processes to be as responsive and as cost effective as possible


Creativity & Innovation

This program helps leaders build a capacity for creativity and innovation so that they are better able to implement innovative ideas into existing business models and future product developments.


Sales & Service Professionals