Think Differently. Drive Results.

Think Differently. Drive Results.

How to Think Differently to Drive Results

A highly interactive skills course transferring creative ideas into innovative practices

This session has closed.

"How to Think Differently to Drive Results" is a four-day program that provides participants with a toolbox of methods and skills for creativity and innovation that are instantly transferable to their work.  Using a mixture of inventive problem solving, creative problem solving and brain-based leadership models, participants will find solutions to existing organizational situations that change how they think about a particular product/service and organizational processes.

Speakers and organizations involved:

Creating a connection between the community, your company and the people in the process is essential when trying to foster an environment for creativity.  The Western New York region has a strong innovation background and many talented people who are poised to take your company and themselves to new levels of innovation.  That's why we've teamed up with two of Western New York’s leading innovation idea creators to provide a unique and interactive learning experience where,

Participants will spend 2 out of the 4 days at an onsite
location in Western New York where innovation and
creativity is happening in real-time.

This lead by example approach will give particiapnts an opportunity to hear from and ask questions with some of the area's innovative thought leaders.

Who should attend?

What are the overall program outcomes?

The Workshops

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This session has closed.

Date/Time: Friday's from 9am - 3:30pm

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Investment: $1,495   (includes all program materials and catered lunch)

Who Should Attend?

  • The content will be applicable to anyone who has the ability to make a change to how the work is completed and is able to have an impact on improving and creating new products and services.
  • Those that are at a level removed from front-line work whether in management or individual contributing roles will benefit greatest.
  • Possible people to send: Human Resources Directors, Quality Directors, Production Supervisors, Chief Operations Officers, Team Leaders, Product Designers, Training Directors, Financial Managers, Engineers, and others that have an impact of the products and services offered.

What are the outcomes?

The greatest outcome will be that each person will walk away with an improvement or a new product / service that can be immediately utilized within the company.

  • Develop a culture of innovation that engages team member creativity and energy
  • Challenge old ways of thinking and design new paradigms to drive greater success
  • Use existing resources to their greatest capacity
  • Share information amongst and between functions to reduce redundant work and speed productivity
  • Understand the levels of change within an organization and how to plan and delegate parts of that change to subordinates, in the proper way and at the proper time
  • How to promote idea development
  • When to bring the right people together for the change to take place
  • How to define the mission in a proper way to ensure that the change happens
  • Steps to ensure effective planning and implementation of the change
  • Steps to develop organizational absorptive capacity of the change idea
  • Learn ways to overcome “stuckness” in your thinking and quickly solve problems.
  • How to have discussions to lead others to think differently
  • Model’s and methods to think differently about existing problems that will lead to innovative products and processes
  • Use existing resources and knowledge to innovate solutions