Business Skills Morning Workshops

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Our Business Skills Morning Workshops provide instruction on a variety of basic and entry-level skills needed to be successful in the workplace, including training in the areas of Communication, Leadership and Presentation skills. These two and half hour sessions are filled with practical tools and examples that you can immediately begin using within your own workplace. 

The content of these workshops are transferable across all disciplines and can be learned by anyone in any position.

Workshops include:

Communicating for Results

It’s no secret that employers report communication as the number one area in which new employees are lacking. This workshop is focused on enhancing the awareness and effectiveness of communication situations and communication skills in the individual. This includes discussing differences between confirming and disconfirming communication and enhancing one’s emotional intelligence and interpersonal awareness of others.

Be a Super Supervisor

What are those "differences that make a difference" that separate mediocre bosses from great bosses? Reflecting on workplace research on what matters most, this workshop explores several things that--if you're serious about optimizing employee performance--you need to do.  Effective supervisors know how to develop the whole person and how to balance personal and organizational needs in a consistent manner.

Customer Service at its Best

This workshop takes a personal-to-global approach by exploring how the individual defines customer service and then unpacking the common misconceptions, most common complaints, and a series of levels and principles of customer service that will give enormous insight to dealing with customers. This will include:

  • The 4 different levels of customer experiences
  • The 6 principles to drive positive customer experiences
  • How to find “defects” in your customer service
  • What customers recall when things go wrong
  • How to handle frustrated customers

Foundations of Leadership

Great leadership is one of the most valued of all human activities. Within every part of our lives, from work to family to friends, to be known as a great leader is a great accolade. It signifies the talent of bringing people together and getting them to effectively work towards a common goal, to co-operate with each other, to rely upon each other, to trust each other. It evokes the warm and gratifying prospect of being part of a successful team or organization. Everyone likes winners, but they like the leader who led them to winning even more!  Great leadership, however, is often seen as one of the most mysterious things to achieve.

In this highly interactive workshop we will demystify what it takes to be a great leader. You will leave with a clear and distinct understanding of what leadership looks like in your work and life. Discussion will include:

  • How to be a leader that attracts trust and talent
  • A formula that can be used to match the right person to the right work, ensuring that the task is completed on time and within quality standards
  • Knowing how to build your leadership strengths 
  • How to determine strengths and constraints in other leaders and what to do about it
  • Improve the problem solving and decision making of yourself and others

Manager's Toolbox

Research clearly shows that transformational leaders - leaders who are positive, inspiring, and who empower and develop followers - are better leaders. They are more valued by followers and have higher performing teams."

So what can you do embrace these characteristics and become a better leader? Transformational leaders are described as enthusiastic, passionate, genuine and energetic. These leaders are not just concerned about helping the group achieve its goals; they also care about helping each member of the group reach his or her full potential.

This workshop provides tips for how to become a better leader and helps you to reflect about ways that you can implement these strategies in your daily life. 

Innovation Proven Methods

Few of us have time and resources to rely on trial and error. What if instead of trial and error we had a series of tools that could direct our thinking to produce only strong ideas that may lead to innovative breakthroughs?

Instead of random, undirected creative methods where it could take years for a breakthrough idea we can use Innovation Proven Methods.  Sharing tools and methods from TRIZ the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and Design Thinking to supply you with a tool box that can be used to innovate solutions to existing and future challenges.  In this workshop you will gain:

  • Several tools for systemic creative thinking designed to help solve problems and create new, innovative solutions.
  • A structured innovation process
  • Techniques and methods that can be easily replicated to solve challenging problems
  • Skills to work with others whose help and input is needed for the innovative solution

Successful Conflict Results

Conflict is a daily reality in both organizational and personal life. This workshop will unpack the challenge of conflict by identifying personal conflict styles and discussing how to initiate conflict discussion. Conflict variables such as emotion, approach and eventual results are included in discussion.

Presentation Skills for Life

Speaking in public is often reported as the number one fear in individuals. This is quite understandable, as the task comes with many stresses like forgetting your words, seeming nervous, stuttering, physical appearance and many other issues. This workshop is designed for the both the novice and experienced speaker (and anywhere in between) to overcome these uncertainties and insecurities.  Participants will develop and enhance essential delivery skills, both verbal and non-verbal and acquire effective organizational skills for maximum presentation impact.


Time: Each program is on a Tuesday from 8am - 10:30am

Investment: $99 per workshop

Location: Canisius College Center for Professional Development
               300 Corporate Pkwy, Suite 130
               Amherst, NY 14226