Critical Skills Gap




When asked what skills and leadership qualities managers desire most in top level employees, there is always a common answer: effective communication, the ability to think critically, the ability to work well in teams and a sense of creativity that can inspire others.

This series was designed to not only develop and enhance these highly-desired skills, but also to explore why, when and how they can be most effectively used in the workplace to stand out and get ahead.  Whether you take one workshop or all three, these one-day programs will provide participants with the tools to think critically, solve problems, innovate, collaborate, and communicate more effectively—and at every level within the organization.

Introduction to Critical Thinking
January 21, 2015

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it. This quote by Henry Ford still rings true day.  As humans, we all think.  But our thinking often lacks in depth and critical reflection.  We learn to come up with one right answer and not to consider other options.  We tend to jump on the first idea instead of taking the time to discover if the problem we are trying to solve is actually the real problem.  We blame time, lack of resources and our already overwhelming workload.  However, learning to think more critically can actually save time, money and provide new, more efficient ways of doing things.  Participants will take part in activities that will demonstrate how simple it can be to grow this skill and make critical thinking a part of your daily life. 

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Critical Thinking and Creativity
March 5, 2015

This workshop explores the connection between critical thinking and creativity.  Growing these skills can have a positive influence on both your personal and professional life.  Although something that we all possess, both skills tend to lessen as we learn to follow many of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ rules and expectations of our society.  However, research shows that with deliberate practice and use of these skills, one can produce the power to shed old ways of thinking and doing and, in turn, harness the natural capabilities we have to take risks, think differently and spend time doing what we love. Participants will walk away with practical, immediately applicable tools to start moving toward a more fulfilling life.

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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
April 22, 2015

This workshop explores two of the most important skills desired in today’s workforce that are often unmistakably absent.  How can you grow your own ability to problem solve and think critically in the face of any challenge?  Why are these skills important for success in the 21st century?  Participants will explore the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process which includes Identifying the Problem, Generating Ideas and Planning for Action. Both divergent and convergent thinking tools and strategies will be practiced to encourage the growth of these skills.  Hands-on, interactive activities will stimulate new ways of thinking and doing and provide alternative ways to approach challenges.

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Time: Each workshop is held from 9am - 4:30pm

Investment: $595 per workshop.  This includes all materials and a catered lunch.

Location: Canisius College Center for Professional Development
               300 Corporate Parkway, Suite 130
               Amherst, NY 14226