HR 101 for Non-HR Professionals

Half-day courses teaching the basic knowledge of Human Resources

All sessions have closed.


Although not within their main area of expertise, for many professionals, performing human resources-related tasks is part of everyday work responsibility. This series is designed to give an overview of the key aspects of managing HR-related issues and procedures within an organization for the non-HR professional.  Participants can choose to take one, two or three of these workshops!

Human Resource Basics

This course will help the effectively handle issues related to performance management, retention, and the latest updates in labor law.  Leave this workshop with a common dictionary of HR terms that can be applied in your small business and an understanding of the essentials of human resources.  Class activities introduce conecpts that you can use right away.

Finding & Hiring the Best for the Job

Attendees will become familiar with one of the most important processes in the human resources field; recruiting effective employees. Participants will learn and discuss the following important aspects of the search process:

  • Where to find the right people.
  • Why have job descriptions?
  • Reviewing a resume and the application form.
  • Important laws to remember.
  • Knowing when a position is exempt or non-exempt.
  • Thought-provoking interview questions and what NOT to say.
  • Verifying your employees are legal: Completing the I-9 form.
  • Orientation tips to get new employees off to a good start fast.

Employee Handbooks & Policies

This workshop will discuss creating a handbook that effectively communicates policies and standards of conduct, provides a sense of your culture and values, assists with employment law compliance and helps to shield small business from liability or the creation of an employment contract.  We'll address the common mistakes often made in drafting employee policies and important strategies to eliminate those errors.  We will also examine those policies that, while not legally required, really are necessary as well as identify those policies that might vary, depending on your organization and industry.


All sessions have closed.

Time: Each class will run from 8:30am - 11:30am

Cost: $295 per course

Location: Canisius College Center for Professional Development
               300 Corporate Pkwy, Suite 130
               Amherst, NY 14226