Strategic Planning for HR Professionals

A course on the theory and concepts related to organizational strategic planning

This session has closed.

Participants will be exposed to elements of strategic human resource planning and have the opportunity to apply strategic HR concepts and principles to an organization of their choosing. At the conclusion of the course, the participants should have a thorough understanding of human resource strategic planning and an individually developed strategic plan they have developed for an organization of their choosing. 


Introduction to Strategic Planning – here, participants will explore the concept of organizational strategic planning. The benefits associated with such a process and why it is important for HR professionals to develop a strategic human resource plan and how to link it to the organizational strategic plan will be examined. The process of SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) as it relates to human resource planning will be examined. Participants will examine and critique several versions of human resource strategic plans and discuss how they may benefit their current organization or a previous organization they are familiar with. 

Strategic Planning Pyramid and Developing a Vision –participants will be introduced to a strategic planning process known as a strategic planning pyramid. This process has been successfully used across all organizational sectors including governmental; non-profit, business and healthcare organizations. Participants will then be introduced to vision planning and how to develop a vision of the future state of their selected organization.

Developing a Mission Statement – participants will understand what comprises a mission statement and how to develop one. Students will examine and critique current mission statements for a variety of organizations and then develop a mission statement for their chosen organization.

Identifying and Clarifying Organizational Values –participants will examine the concept of organizational values as assets to guide organizations. Students will examine and critique organizational values and then develop values for their chosen organization.

Selecting Key Business Drivers  - participants will learn what constitutes key business drivers for an organization and how to identify them. They will continue the development of their own strategic plan by identifying the key business drivers for their selected organization.

Developing Strategic Goals  and Objectives- participants will understand what constitutes a strategic goal and how to develop them into specific objectives for a human resource organization. They will examine and critique strategic goals and objectives for a variety of organizations. Finally they will develop their own strategic goals and objectives for their chosen organization.

Action Planning – participants will be introduced to the concept of action planning as a process used to accomplish the specific objectives of a strategic plan. An action planning template will be introduced that can be used as part of a HR strategic planning process. Participants will complete several action plans for their chosen organization.

Developing Performance Metrics and Performance Indicators – participants will be introduced toquantifiable measures to track progress and measure performance related to human resource strategic planning. Participants will develop performance metrics for their individual strategic plan.

Course Review – a review of course content will be conducted to review the strategic planning process and the importance of strategic planning to human resource success in organizations.


This session has closed.

Date/Time: 2 days
                  8:30am - 11:30am

                *A project will be assigned between the two classes

Investment: $595

Location: Canisius College Center for Professional Development
               300 Corporate Pkwy, Suite 130
               Amherst, NY 14226