Learning Goals & Objectives

Learning Goal 1

Graduates will develop and apply processes and procedures to recognize and prevent fraudulent activity in the collection and manipulation of financial data. 

Students will: 
  • Objective A:  Develop and apply tools and methods to fraud detection and prevention. 
  • Objective B:   Appropriately use interviewing processes and develop plans for the conduct of interviews in the context of fraud detection and deterrence. 
  • Objective C:  Explain the use of technology in auditing and fraud detection. 

Learning Goal 2

Graduates will apply legal and ethical principles in decision-making in the context of fraud investigation and analysis. 

Students will: 
  • Objective A: Apply professional accounting and auditing standards to fraud-related investigative work. 
  • Objective B:  Apply ethical values in the context of fraud detection and deterrence engagements.