Learning Goals & Objectives

Learning Goal 1

Graduates will know how financial information is measured and reported to external users.

Students will:
  • Objective A:  Calculate financial ratios and performance measures and analyze the results;
  • Objective B: Apply current principles of accounting to the measurement and reporting of financial accounting information;
  • Objective C: Apply taxation regulations in the measurement and reporting of information to governmental entities;
  • Objective D: Explain the processes/principles related to providing assurance as to the integrity of the reporting process.

Learning Goal 2

Graduates will know how companies evaluate internal controls for the aggregation of financial information, and compare/contrast the impact of alternative business decisions on future company performance.

Students will:
  • Objective A:  Explain the budgeting process and analyze business decisions related to the budgets prepared;
  • Objective B: Apply concepts related to accounting system controls.