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Andi Zeisler Lecture

Lecture Andi Zeisler, co-founder and editor of BITCH magazine, to give lecture at Montante Cultural Center on Friday, March 7, 2014, 7 pm. 

"Why Pop Culture Matters to Feminism, Activism, and Social Justice"

A stock response to complaints about offensive and demeaning representation of women and others in popular media is often, "Well, just change the channel! You don't have to watch that show/read that book/see that movie." This presentation explicates why that line of thinking ignores the reality of how media and pop culture permeate every aspect of our lives, and offers an overview of media and pop culture as a locus of feminist activism.

Pop culture has long been central to feminist activism, and this presentation looks at this phenomenon with an eye to both history and the present day, noting the ways in which representation—or the lack thereof—has been a key catalyst of feminist action. From the Miss America protest of 1968 to the Saturday Night Live pushback of today, we'll look at how foregrounding a feminist perspective in media and pop culture makes that culture better, richer, and more representative of the world in which we live.

Andi Zeisler is a co-founder and creative/editorial director of BITCH magazine. Part of the mission of BITCH magazine: "A fresh, revitalizing voice for feminism. One that welcomes complex arguments, showcases witty and whip-smart critiques of popular culture, and refuses to ignore the contradictory and sometimes uncomfortable details that constitute the realities of life in an unequivocally gendered world" 

This event is sponsored by the Canisius College Women & Gender Studies program, which is celebrating its 25th year anniversary!

 The event is free & open to the public.

For more information about this event, contact Tanya Loughead, Department of Philosophy, 

7:00PM — 9:00PM, March 07, 2014

Montante Cultural Center, Canisius College