2016-2017 Campus Ministry Internships

Campus Ministry Mission Statement: “Campus Ministry at Canisius College is missioned to empower our students, faculty, administrators, staff and alumni to engage the world in order to find and manifest God within our environment, society, communities and Church.  We seek to help others discern their gifts and grow as leaders so as to become women and men with and for others.  We do this in the spirit of Jesus and the Jesuit tradition and are committed to work toward justice with people of all backgrounds.”

General Description

Want to do something amazing with Campus Ministry?  Be one of our trusted leaders?  Get hands-on experience coordinating some of our major programming?  Mentor to your peers?  Be an intern in our office!  These un-paid positions offer you valuable leadership experience in ministry and skills that will be transferrable to anything you do. Craft your own yearlong internship based around *your* gifts and desires.

General Responsibilities

  • Participate in a mandatory one-day fall retreat and spring planning evening.
  • Participate in a monthly, one-hour staff meeting on Sunday.
  • Participate in +10 Reflection Experience which includes the following:

1)  PRAY, Reflect, Meditate for at least 10 minutes day using the Examen or another reflective process.

2)  WRITE a short paragraph each day in a journal after the experience of reflection or prayer.

3)  SHARE the experiences with a Ignatian Prayer Guide (chosen in consult with your supervisor) once a month with whom you are most comfortable.  

(This is not the person who is your main supervisor).

4)  REFLECT AGAIN on how this experience informs your internship, trip, etc.  And bring that experience each month to your Ignatian Prayer Guide.  

Job Qualifications

  • Strong communication, community-building skills, energy, creativity, ambition and a sense of humor are essential.
  • Candidate needs initiative, focus, and follow-through.
  • 5 GPA or higher. Must maintain a 2.5 GPA

Specific Responsibilities (descriptions available on the application)

  • Choose between 1-2 primary responsibilities per semester
  • Choose between 1-2 secondary responsibilities per semester

There is an informational session on Monday, March 21 at 4pm in OM 219.
Applications are due by 5pm on Wednesday, April 6.                                            
Interviews will take place from April 7-15.                                                        
Acceptance notifications will go out by April 18.

Applications can be downloaded here or can be picked up in the Campus Ministry office in OM 207.

Questions and concerns can be directed to Sarah Signorino at or 716-888-2424.