Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal I: Promoting Human, Spiritual Formation

Offer opportunities for students, faculty, administrators, staff and alumni to encounter and grow into a mature relationship with the God who guides their decisions, frees them to act and empowers them to live into their fullness.

1. Participants will engage the loving, liberating and empowering God within their personal and communal lives

2. Participants will learn and practice an ongoing personal reflection and/or prayer, such as the “Examination of Conscience” in order to “find God in all things”

3. Participants  will live as “contemplatives in action,” making daily choices which stem from an examination of how their faith and/or humanitarian commitments intersect with the real world

4. Participants will practice the principles of Ignatian discernment in order to frame their decision making process and be guided by God’s spirit as they pursue “magis” in their own lives.

Goal II: Promoting Service and Solidarity

Create transformative opportunities for our Canisius community to identify as “women and men with and for others” as lived out in a commitment to serving, learning from and walking in solidarity with marginalized communities and their allies.

1. Participants will directly engage with marginalized communities locally, nationally and internationally, ideally utilizing Jesuit connections, and come away with a basic understanding of the challenges these communities face

2. Participants will repeatedly reflect on their engagement with the marginalized through the lens of spiritual and/or humanitarian values

3. Participants will critically analyze the social, economic, political, and religious structures that keep communities marginalized in order to understand the root causes of social injustices

4. Participants will be transformed and empowered to become agents for just change

5. Participants will commit to remaining in solidarity with those in this world who are marginalized through utilizing an ongoing praxis of reflection and action in order to embody the mission of the Society of Jesus which is “the service of faith and the promotion of justice

Goal III: Promoting our Catholic, Jesuit Mission

Cultivate a campus environment in which the Catholic and Jesuit charism is engaging, accessible and inclusive.

1. Campus Ministry will offer programming that is accessible, inclusive, collaborative and transformational

2. Campus Ministry initiatives will utilize language that is inclusive and accessible to our entire college community while at the same time being faithful to our Catholic, Jesuit identity

3. Utilize technology to as to be relevant and engaging with our campus

 4. Campus Ministry will collaborate with other units on and off campus to enhance the Catholic, Jesuit nature of our college

 5. Campus Ministry will increase Ignatian formation opportunities for students, staff, faculty and alumni