Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry


Canisius College Campus Ministry provides opportunities for students, faculty/staff and alumni to receive the Sacraments of the Catholic faith.  This includes our weekday and Sunday liturgies, weddings, confirmation classes and the RCIA program.


Usually at least one of the people being married must be a Roman Catholic to be married in Christ the King Chapel. Both parties must meet all the marriage requirements of both Roman Catholic and civil law. 

You may be allowed to celebrate your wedding in the Canisius College Chapel if you are:

  • Currently a Canisius College student 
  • An alumnus/alumna of Canisius College 
  • Currently a member of the faculty or staff of Canisius College
  • A son or daughter of a current member of the faculty, staff, Board of Trustees or Board of Regents of Canisius College


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is an opportunity for students to prepare for the three Catholic Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.  Students meet throughout the year in a safe, inquiring community where they can honestly discern their decision to become fully initiated Catholics.

RCIA is right for you if:   

  • You have never been baptized and think you might want to be baptized as a Catholic. 
  • You have been baptized in some other Christian Church and thin you might want to join the Catholic Church.
  • You have been baptized as a Catholic, but have not had any significant religious education and have not received Eucharist or Confirmation.
  • You are searching for a religious expression of your spirituality and want to help discerning what you should do.

The RCIA group will meets weekly starting in the fall at an off-campus location, likely at another parish.

For more information please contact: Mike Hayes, Director of Campus Ministry or the Campus Ministry office.


In addition to RCIA preparation, Campus Ministry offers a special, separate process for Catholics who have received Baptism, Eucharist but for whatever reason, have not received Confirmation and wish to be confirmed.  This program is held weekly during the second semester for 4 weeks or so, again at an off-campus location, likely at a local parish. The candidates are joined by the participants in RCIA for the celebration of Confirmation.

For more information please contact: Mike Hayes, Director of Campus Ministry  or the Campus Ministry office.