Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

The Spiritual Exercises at Canisius College 

Each September, Campus Ministry offers an opportunity to experience the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises.  The Spiritual Exercises are St. Ignatius of Loyola's method of prayer and reflection that helps people engage with Finding God in All Things.

At Canisius, these this experience takes the form of personal “retreats in everyday life” and are designed for any interested student, faculty or staff member to participate in with the help of a trained spiritual director or companion.

This involves two essential elements:

The Preparation Experience is a gentle first step designed to deepen our faith in God’s love for each one of us.  This phase opens us to our own spirituality and is open to people of all denominations, religions and spiritualities. It allows people to develop their own daily rhythm of prayer/reflection.

The Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life (SEEL).  Once each person has established their own daily rhythm of prayer/reflection, the Formal Spiritual Exercises begin.  These Exercises, if completed, go through the school year, beginning in September.

Below find some people who have benefited from participation:

Canisius Faculty:  

Professor Steven Chanderbhan shares how The Exercises supported his integration of head and heart as a teacher, how challenging the time factor is for faculty, and how fruitful it is to make the time for this. 

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Canisius Alumni:

Image of Clare Dean

Clare Dean, a member of the Canisius Alumni Board, shares on the Spiritual Exercises Program that is available for alumni. She shares her growing realization that God is present and how God helps us with important choices. 

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Do you have more questions or want to apply?

Contact Mike Hayes at 716-888-2487 or for more information.
Spiritual Directors include priests and sisters, laymen and women.