Tips for Commuters

1. Drive to the ramp to find a parking spot first, then try one of the six other lots where commuters with valid parking tags can park.

2. Be aware of alternate side parking on the side streets around campus.  City parking tickets can exceed $50!

3.  Be cautious of pedestrians when driving into and out of the parking ramp on Jefferson Avenue.

4. Use your NFTA pass!  Park for free in one of the Metro Rail lots at either the LaSalle or the UB South Campus stations then ride the Metro to Canisius.

5. Call ahead!  Before making the trek to campus to ask a question, call to make sure someone is available to meet with you.

6. Play Gas Card BINGO and I Spy with the Commuter Student Association - who couldn't use free gas?

7. Keep an umbrella, winter gloves and a pair of warm socks in your car, locker or backpack.