Campus Programming

Campus Programming


Have a question or concern about co-curricular clubs on campus?  Lots of students do.  That’s why the Office of Campus Programming and Leadership Development (CPLD) compiled the list below of frequently asked questions. Scroll through. See if you can find the answer you need. If not, contact a member of the CPLD team at 888-2190 or visit us on the lower level of the Richard E. Winter ’42 Student Center (Room 003).

Q: How can I learn more about a group before attending a meeting?
Q: Will my grades suffer if I join a student organization?
Q: As an upperclassman, it is too late to get involved?
Q: Who decides what events are brought to campus?
Q: Do you have anything for gay or lesbian students?
Q: Does Canisius have a newspaper?
Q: Are there any clubs that focus on different cultures?
Q: Is there anything for outdoorsy-type students?
Q: Are there any cool annual events?
Q: Does the CP&LD Office have any paid student positions?
Q: How do I start a student organization?

Q: I’m kind of shy and not the type of person who usually join things, especially when I don’t know anyone.  How I can learn more about a group before I go to a meeting or event?

A: There are many ways to learn about the student organizations at Canisius.  A good place to start is here online where there is a complete listing of student groups.  You can also stop in to talk with a CPLD staff member about which club or organization is right for you.

Q: I feel like it’s all I can do to keep up with my classes and my parents want me to focus on my studies, yet it would be great to be involved on campus and meet people.  Will my grades suffer if I join a student organization?

A: How you manage your time with your involvement on campus and your academic work is entirely up to you.  Studies show that students who get involved in something outside the classroom actually do better scholastically because they’re more connected to the college, have the support of peers, and are exposed to encouraging staff people.  In a nutshell, here’s how you can benefit by getting connected to some kind of student organization:

  • You’ll make life long friends.
  • You’ll be more integrated into college life.
  • You’ll learn new skills, like leadership, communication, and a host of others.
  • You’ll have fun!

A 1987 study estimates that only about 48 hours of a typical college student's week are spent in class or studying. That leaves 70 hours unaccounted for!  If some of those hours are spent being actively involved, students are more likely to be satisfied with their social life, living environment, academic major, contact with faculty and the College overall.  (Taken from Education and Identity by Arthur W. Chickering and Linda Reisser, 1993).

If you think colleges care about students being well-rounded, future employers care a whole lot too!  Whatever level of involvement you desire, there’s something in CPLD for you.

Q: I didn’t take advantage of getting involved my first couple years here.  As an upperclassman, is it too late for me to find something in which to be involved?

A: It’s never too late!  As long as you’re an enrolled student, there are opportunities for all levels of involvement.  Stop by the Office of Campus Programming and Leadership Development any time Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays the office is open until 7 p.m.

Q: Who decides what events are brought to this campus?  How can I express my opinion about what I think would be good entertainment?

A: The Senate Programming Board (SPB) is the primary programmer/planner on campus and it’s run by and for students.  You can go by their office SC 09 (in the tunnel of the Student Center across from the Office of Campus Programming and Leadership Development) and offer suggestions, or better yet, get involved and participate in one of their many planning committees.  For more information, call the SPB office at x5256, or IM them at CanisiusSPB.

Q: Do you have anything for gay or lesbian students?

A: Yes, UNITY is a student organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students and allies.  Find out more by visiting the UNITY office in SC220 or calling them x5337.

Q: Does Canisius College have a student newspaper?

A: Yes, we have two! The Griffin and The Courier are both student written publications on campus.  If you're interested in journalism, photography, graphic design, advertising, sales or marketing and would like to be involved with one of these two publications you can contact them at:

  • The Griffin, x5364
  • The Courier, x5285

Q: I’m interesting in exploring different cultures and further learning about my own.  Are there any clubs that focus on this?

A: Yes!  Visit the student organizations website to view a list of student-run cultural organizations on campus or call CPLD at x2190.

Q. Does CPLD offer anything for us outdoorsy-types?

A: Canisius College has a Ski Club that goes to Holiday Valley Ski Resort every Friday during the winter months. In September, the CPLD office offers a white-water rafting trip, while the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and various club sports offer fun in the sun and snow as well.

Q: Are there any cool annual events to look forward to?

A:  Of course! You can look forward to Welcome Weekend, Family Weekend, Semi-Formal, International Fest, Fiesta Latina, Senior Week, Siblings Weekend, Taste of Africa, and more! 

Q: Does the CPLD Office have any paid student positions or internships available?

A: Yes. There are a variety of paid office positions funded by Federal Work-study, as well as some non-paid internships. These positions are generally filled very early in the school year, so if you’re interested, don’t wait to check out these opportunities. There is also an opportunity to become a Programming Assistant for CPLD. Applications for this position are accepted throughout the year.  Contact Elaine at x2190 for more information.

Q: How do I start a student organization?

A: We are always excited to welcome new student clubs to campus.  Visit Elaine in CPLD.  She will give you a packet of information to get you started, or you can check out what you need to know online by clicking here.