Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Academic Clubs

Accounting Society: This club fosters the study of business and accounting while promoting professional competency and achievement in the field. Events include seminars, “Meet the Accountants Night,” office visitations and social activities. Membership is open to accounting majors; annual membership fee is $10.

American Advertising Federation: The AAF explores interests in the advertising field through engaging in different projects, activities, and events associated with the field.

American Chemical Society (ACS): ACS brings together students interested in the chemical sciences, so they may be aided in choosing their careers and establishing a closer association between themselves and the faculty.

American Marketing Association: This club provides members with opportunities for professional development, provides marketing services to the community, and inspires innovation and ambition in students by providing a variety of programming.

American Medical Student Association: The AMSA promotes academic scholarship, leadership, exploration of medical careers, and medically related community service.

American Production & Inventory Control Systems (APICS): APICS provides students interested in the field of production with an understanding of the activities and opportunities available in manufacturing today. Students have the opportunity to network with professionals in management, marketing, accounting, engineering, production control and a variety of other positions from the local industrial community.

Anthropology Club: The goal of the Anthropology club is to inform the Canisius community about anthropology through a variety of speakers, programs, etc.

Athletic Training Club: Students studying the Athletic Training curriculum will have opportunities to work on improving their clinical experiences as well as realize the opportunity to attend national conferences.

Canisius Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO): CEO informs, supports and inspires Canisius College students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunities through the life long journey of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, and enterprise creation. Our goal is to foster an entrepreneurial environment for the Canisius community through “Entrepreneurship for EVERYONE.”

Canisius International Business Association: This is a professional organization that enhances the understanding of issues related to international business and promotes international career opportunities among members of the Canisius Community.

Classics Club: The objective of this organization shall be to supply all students at Canisius College with an understanding of the classics as a discipline. Films, speakers, discussions, etc. will help achieve this goal.

Computer Science Club: The Computer Science Club brings together people interested in the field of computers.

The Council for Exceptional Children: The purpose of this chapter is to advance the education of exceptional individuals and promote related educational, scientific and charitable activities 

Digital Media Arts Club: This club provides digital media arts majors with networking opportunities, sponsors speakers and fosters the continuing education of its members.

Economics/Finance Club: This club provides the student body and community with economic concepts to develop a deeper insight into the perplexing national and international economic issues 

Eurosim Foundation: The Eurosim Foundation exists in order to properly train and instruct members to participate in annual European Union simulations involving both New York State schools and European universities.

History Club: This club presents history majors with subjects of historical interest beyond the content of their courses and offers a series of public lectures. Events include historical projects and seminars.

International Affairs Society (IAS): This club enhances knowledge about world affairs and the dynamics of international politics. Events include conferences and forums.

Math Club: This club provides students with an understanding of mathematics as a discipline.

Pharmacy Club: The Pharmacy Club seeks to further the field of Pharmacy through on-campus events, visits to local Pharmacy schools, and engagements with current Pharmacy students.

Philosophy Club (Golden Gadflies): The Philosophy Club provides discussion, studies and/or activities in philosophy.

Photography Club: This club aims to provide a source of networking and communication between students who are interested in photography. The goal is to expand students’ skills in photography, as well as develop strong working relationships between our student members in an effort to foster an educational community within these fields.

Physical & Health Education Majors Club: This organization fosters a concern for the progress of physical and health education, and promotes professionalism in teaching methods and in personal attitudes in physical and health education.

Physics & Pre-Engineering Society: This organization works towards the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of physics and engineering among interested students.

Psychology Club: This club brings together students interested in psychology to acquaint them with both the theoretical and practical aspects of psychology and encourage interaction with faculty.

Society of Human Resource Management: This club helps students acquire the knowledge needed for a future in personnel administration or labor relations, and provides them with current information on new developments within the field.

Society of Pre-Health Professionals: The Society of Pre-Health Professionals promotes and supports pre-medical students at Canisius College on their journey to pursue a career in medicine. The club promotes academic scholarship, leadership, exploration of medical careers and medically related community service.

Society of Professional Journalists: The Society of Professional Journalists promotes the field of journalism and the free flow of information to the public. As a club, its members hope to create a positive reputation of journalism and educate others about journalistic issues.

Sociology Club: The Sociology Club provides an academic outlet for students who are interested in sociology and sociological problems. This is accomplished through a variety of programs and events.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE): SIFE is an international organization active on more than 1800 campuses in some 40countries. SIFE teams create economic opportunities in their communities by organizing outreach projects that teach market economics, entrepreneurship, personal financial success skills and business ethics. Their projects are judged at competition on creativity, innovation and effectiveness, visit 

Teacher Education Club: This club provides students with an understanding of teacher education as a discipline.

Women’s Studies Club: This organization looks at and examines women’s issues through a series of programs and lectures.

Zoological Society: This club increases awareness of zoological activities. Events include animal related outings, whale and bird watching, as well as field trips to state parks.