Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Cultural Clubs

Afro-American Society: This club helps to orient Afro-American students, Hispanics and Native Americans to the college community. Events include speakers, Black History Month, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial services, Afro Ball, Taste of Africa and more.

Amici D’Italia: Amici d’Italia maintains Italian traditions on campus. Events include Italian Mass, a bocce tournament and parties.

Asian American Society & Friends: This club encourages interrelationships of foreign students, promotes cultural events, and stimulates intellectual activities.

French Club: This organization sponsors programs to help promote the French language and culture to the college and Western New York community.

German Club: This club provides awareness of the German culture and language. Events include Oktoberfest and a German Mass. 

Global Horizons Association: This club promotes awareness of a variety of cultures and assists the international population in our community in adjusting to American culture.

Irish Club: This club promotes customs and traditions of the Irish culture through a variety of programs and activities.

Latin American Students & Friends (LASAF): LASAF promotes the culture and language of Hispanic countries around the world. Events include an annual club dinner, and Fiesta Latina.

Organization of Arab Students In Solidarity (OASIS): OASIS informs and educates the community about Arab culture and tradition through a variety of programs and activities.

Polish Student Association: The Polish Student Association provides the college community with a better understanding of Polish history and culture by organizing various cultural events.

Russian Club: This club works to broaden the understanding and appreciation of Russian and Post-Soviet Republic cultures, languages and history.

Spanish Club: This club hosts speakers, provides information about careers using the Spanish language and participates in service projects that require the use of Spanish.

Unity: Unity exists to provide an environment in which students feel safe and comfortable discussing issues concerning sexual orientation. Unity tries to educate members of the Canisius community and recognizes that the quest for truth in education can only result from the willingness and allowance of individuals to speak from different points of view.