Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Service and Social Clubs

American Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT): DAT offers Canisius students an excellent opportunity to reach out into the local community. Students are trained to respond to any natural disaster: fire, flood or storm and ensure that the victims of such tragedies are given the proper food, drink, clothing and shelter needed to get their feet back on the ground.

Amnesty International: This organization brings awareness of human rights to students at Canisius, develops student leadership and allows students to become active in a respected international organization.

Animal Allies: This group educates the community about the plight of non-human animals. Events and awareness initiatives will provide information and educate the Canisius community and greater Buffalo area.

Anime Club: This organization seeks to promote a deeper appreciation for Japanese animation as an art form. To that end, this organization wishes to create an environment that promotes cultural understanding of Asian, especially Japanese, popular culture and aesthetic sensibilities. 

Bible Study: This club is an organization devoted to encouraging the study of the Bible. A non-denominational Christian organization, it is not affiliated with any particular church or religious organization.

Canisius Christian Youth Organization (CCYO): This group promotes Christian ethics and values in today’s culture through the study of the Bible, Christian outreach, and diverse campus wide and community activities.

Charity Knitting Club: Students who share an interest in knitting and charity work can come together to gain skills in knitting and create products that benefit the Buffalo community.

Christian Life Communities: CLCs are mission-based, discerning groups that help members find God in all things and discover their calling in life through the values of community, spirituality and service. Although CLCs are firmly based in the Catholic expression of Christianity, groups are open to members of any faith tradition who seek a deeper relationship to God.

Circle K: A student branch of the Kiwanis Club, this club develops citizenship and the spirit of service for improvement of all human relationships. Events include charitable parties, bloodmobiles, nursing home visits and dance marathons.

College Democrats: This organization encourages debate and discussion of the Democratic Party’s positions on political events, as well as on other local and national happenings. The College Democrats serve as a conduit between the Board of Elections and the Canisius student body, for the purpose of registering voters. 

College Republicans: This club provides the student body and the community with Republican concepts in order to develop deeper insight into the perplexing local, national and international issues of our time. Programs include speakers and conference attendance.

Colleges Against Cancer: This club is a national collaboration of college students, faculty and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society in the college community.

Commuter Student Association (CSA): Commuters are always looking for ways to get involved and here is a perfect opportunity. CSA offers movie nights, exam week study breaks, monthly meetings, commuter awareness weeks and more. Canisius Commutes is a monthly online newsletter that provides information about activities, visit 

Companion Animal Rescue Society: This organization encourages the humane treatment of domestic animals. Goals of the organization include fundraising, education, volunteering and other involvement with the local animal shelters and rescue organizations. 

Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity helps to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness in the United States and throughout the world. The foundation is based upon partnerships formed between people with resources and those in need.

National Society of Pershing Rifles: The Pershing Rifle Company affords any student the opportunity to gain experience in military bearing and acquire the skills necessary to further develop the leadership abilities that are highly demanded in both the civilian community and/or the duties of the United States Army.

Project Conservation: The purpose of Project Conservation is to encourage student awareness of and involvement in green and sustainable activities at Canisius and to promote a better knowledge and understanding of student impact on the environment and community with the intention of reducing our carbon footprint.

Residence Hall Association (RHA): RHA enriches the lives of resident students by promoting events designed to create unity and community spirit, while stimulating cultural, intellectual, athletic and social growth. Involvement opportunities are available to residents by becoming a floor representative of your living unit. All resident students are members of RHA. For more information, visit

Senior Week Committee: Senior Week provides each senior class with pre-graduation activities, including the annual 100Days Party, Senior Ball and Senior Picnic. All juniors are encouraged to apply to become a member of a committee. All seniors are encouraged to participate in the various Senior Week celebrations.

Students for Life: By way of panel discussions, lectures, film presentations and other means, Students for Life seeks to educate the Canisius community with specific regard to ethical issues concerning human life and the value of every human being. 

To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA): TWLOHA is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA encourages, informs, inspires, and invests directly into treatment and recovery.

Undergraduate Student Association (USA): The USA is comprised of the total undergraduate student body and is represented by an elected Student Senate and an Executive Board. The Student Senate and the Finance Committee, with the help of CPLD, ensure the equitable distribution of student tax dollars.

USA Lobbying & Registration Committee: The lobbying Committee represents students and their interests in the Albany legislative process to maintain a higher educational system of unsurpassed quality, provide for free enrollment access to all, and to insure adequate levels of state aid for all independent institutions. Events include legislation, financial and communication activities.

United Students for Fair Trade (USFT): USFT is an organization that increases awareness, educates and develops fair trade throughout Canisius and the local community.

Women in Business: A network of support for women to advance their career ambitions, broaden their business goals, and develop friendships. 

Student Programming Board (SPB): SPB organizes the majority of social events and activities for the Canisius community. These include the annual Spring Fest, game shows, concerts, speakers and comedians. All students are invited and encouraged to join and help in planning fun filled events on campus.

The Office of Campus Programming and Leadership Development (CPLD) provides students with a medium to develop personal talents and skills, as well as the opportunity to integrate classroom experience. Involvement in extracurricular activities also provides valuable leadership and practical, hands-on experience, from running meetings to managing business accounts, which are useful in future vocations and careers. Through CPLD, students are introduced to peers with the same interests who enhance the overall college experience.

While Canisius does not limit the number of activities for its students, we do strongly recommend taking free time into consideration. Students should first determine how much time they have to devote to extracurricular activities before joining a club or organization.