Lesson 1

Ignatius, Peter, and the German SJs

Introduction to watch the video and take the quiz.

Video Quiz

1. What was Ignatius’ transformative realization at the River Cardoner?
  1. It was time to “hang up his sword.”
  2. God can be found in all things
  3. He would be the first Superior General of the Society of Jesus

*Reflection: In what likely and unlikely places, great and small, have I found God?

2. What is Ignatius Loyola remembered for?

  1. Authoring the Spiritual Exercises, a prayer guide to help people find God in their lives.
  2. Defeating the French artillery at the Battle of Pamplona.
  3. Graduating first in his class from the University of Paris.

*Reflection: What have I discovered about myself in relationship with God?

3. Why is St. Peter Canisius famous?

  1.  He founded the Society of Jesus.
  2.  He wrote the Catechism and established colleges and seminaries in Europe.
  3.  He helped establish the Buffalo mission.

*Reflection: What is most valuable about my faith and the education I have received?

4.What did Pope Paul III ask Peter Canisius to do?

  1. Rekindle the faith of Catholics through teaching, preaching, and writing.
  2. To write A Life of Christ.
  3. To lend his name to the Golden Griffin Mascot at a college named for him in Buffalo, NY.

*Reflection: How am I the person of faith and reason that God intended me to be?

5. What church was Canisius College’s long-time next-door neighbor?

  1. St. Michael’s
  2. St. Ann’s
  3. St. Joseph’s Cathedral

More Information

St. Peter Canisius Feast Day: December 21

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Reflection Question

In what ways am I connected to my faith community?