Part II: Ignatian Spirituality

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Reflection Questions

Ignatius’s instruction to go out and “find God in all things” is the essence of our Ignatian spirituality.  

Consider your personal and professional experiences.  How has this Ignatian directive helped you make sense of your life and your faith?

Ignatius invites us to see God at work within and around us.  All the people, places and events of life are opportunities to encounter God and the good.  Teilhard de Chardin found God in the midst of his writing and research as well as in his mind and heart.  

Where in your personal life and professional experiences are you most aware of God’s presence and action?  What difference is this realization making in your life?

Within Catholicism there are a host of spiritualities, to say nothing of spiritualities from other religious traditions.    

What other spiritual traditions within and beyond Catholicism have had an impact on your spiritual life? What are these prayers and practices that contribute to your spiritual integration?

The Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius Loyola”, organized into four “weeks,” is a handbook of meditations and reflections centered on the life of Christ and our experiences of the Divine in our lives.

Are there particular meditations and specific graces from the Exercises that have enduring significance for you?  How do you carry these meditations and graces into your daily life?

The Examen, whichever version one practices, is the spiritual exercise Ignatius emphasized his followers should practice daily.  Jim Martin, S.J. compares it to watching a movie of your day.  Jim Manney notes it incorporates even the most mundane aspects of life. 

What is your own experience of this pre-eminent prayer?  Through all the large and small events of a day and across your life, how does the examen help you discern God’s presence and actions in your life and circumstances? 

Ignatian spirituality is recognized by the gratitude and wonder it brings forth from a person.  It calls us to engage the world where we recognize Jesus Christ and the sacred in the people, especially the needy, among us.  It calls us to help build up a more just, humane and charitable world.  

Where do you recognize yourself and your work alongside God in our world in these Ignatian spirituality traits?