Public Safety

Public Safety

Crime Prevention Services

The Department of Public Safety recognizes that crime exists in every community, regardless of location. Therefore, the department has two crime prevention officers on staff who have been specially trained in crime prevention techniques, and who are responsible for developing and conducting crime prevention programs. Program topics addressed include personal safety, sexual assaults prevention, Valuables Identification Program, auto-theft, residence hall security, off-campus housing security and various other programs.

For more information on crime prevention programs call the Department of Public Safety Crime Prevention Unit at 888-2330.

Prevention at Home and in Your Apartment or Dorm Room

  • Lock your doors and secure windows when leaving regardless of the legnth of time you plan to be away.
  • Lock your doors even if you are home; it may keep unwanted guests from gaining entry.
  • Never leave money, purses, wallets, expensive jewelry, or other valuables laying around.
  • Never leave a note on your door stating that you are away or indicating what time you will return.
  • Do not open the door automatically when hearing a knock. Require callers to identify themselves satisfactorily before allowing them entry.
  • Do not loan your keys or ID card to anyone.
  • If your apartment is equipped with an intrusion or panic alarm system, learn how to use it properly. Even the best alarm system cannot function if you fail to use it.

Precautions Around Campus

  • Never leave clubrooms unlocked an unoccupied.
  • Stay in the laundry area while doing laundry; remove clothing from the washer or dryer as soon as cycle is over.
  • Place your name on several pages throughout all your books. This is positive identification in the event of theft and the book being sold.

Be suspicious of unknown persons in the area, note their description and call the Department of Public Safety immediately. Dial 711 or (716) 888-2330.

R.A.I.N. (Respond, Assess, Isolate, Notify) 

Gary Everett, Director of Public Safety, presents R.A.I.N. training that instructs students, faculty and staff on what to do the first three minutes of a critical incident on campus. Anyone interested in the class can e-mail Gary Everett.