Public Safety

Public Safety

Reporting Incidents 

Public Safety strongly recommends that all crimes and emergency situations which occur on campus or in the campus area be immediately reported. To report an incident:

  • Call the Department of Public Safety from an on-campus telephone at 711 or Ext. 2330, or
  • Call from an off-campus telephone call (716) 888-2330, or 
  • Visit the Public Safety Office in the lower level of Bosch Residence Hall. 

Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day to take your call and dispatch Public Safety officers to investigate.

In addition, a number of well marked exterior blue-light telephones are located throughout the campus. They can be used to report a criminal incident, fire or any other type of emergency. To report crimes and incidents off-campus, please contact the law enforcement agency serving the area. If the victim of a crime on campus or in the campus area would like to report the incident confidentially, one of the following offices may be contacted:

  • Counseling Center Ext. 2620
  • Campus Ministry Ext. 2420

If it is determined that the circumstances of the crime pose a danger to other members of the campus community, then general information about the incident may be released to Public Safety or other members of the campus community.