2015 - 2016 Housing Rates

Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees
Room Rates Per Semester Per Year
Bosch or Frisch Double Room $3750 $7500
Bosch or Frisch Single $4600 $9200
Bosch or Frisch Suite $4222 $8444
Bosch or Frisch Corner Suite $4300 $8600
Delavan Townhouses, 2 & 3 person $4946 $9892
Delavan Townhouses, 4 & 5 person $4575 $9150
Dugan Double $3708 $7416
Dugan Single $4800 $9600
Dugan Suite $4356 $8712
George Martin House - Double $3740 $7480
George Martin House - Single $4671 $9342
Village Townhouses $4575 $9150

2014 - 2015 Meal Plan Rates

For meal plan rates and options, please visit: Meal Plan Options and Rates.

To manage your meal plan, log-in to the MyCanisius portal and find the icon under the Financial Services tab.


All FRESHMEN in Bosch, Frisch or Dugan must be on either the Griffin A, B or C plan for the fall and spring semester; 

Upper-class residents living in Dugan Hall must be on the Ultimate, Supreme or Mega Block plan for the fall and spring semester.

Changes to the meal plans can be made during the 1st week of the semester only.

**All freshman and sophomore students must live on campus, unless commuting from their permanent address and living with a parent.