Where is the Canisius College Mailroom?

Location: Science Hall Room 1022

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Summer Hours: Monday- Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

: 888-2245

Fax: 888-2525

How should resident student mail be addressed?

The Student address for letters and parcels is:

Student’s Name
Canisius College BOX #_______
1901 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208-1079

Note: The format above is the only acceptable address for student mail and parcels and must contain the correct mail box number.  Mail and parcels addressed otherwise may be returned to sender. 

How should faculty and administrative mail be addressed?

Name and/or Department
Canisius College
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208-1098

How do I change my address?

When you move, you must contact each person and business and provide them with your new address.  It is your responsibility to contact your bank, credit card company, church, family, and friends with your new address.

Resident students will retain the same mail box number as long as they reside at Canisius College.

Magazines cannot be forwarded.  You must contact your online subscription office and provide them with the correct address.

Register your change of address with the US Post office by going online to, and submit a change of address form.

What if the mail room does not recognize my name?

Sometimes the mailroom receives mail addressed to a student’s parent, to a “nickname”, or to a first name only. Since we do not know these names, we will return the mail or package to the sender.

How do I obtain a resident student mail box number?

The Office of Residence Life assigns student mail box numbers.  

Where do I get a resident student mailbox key?

The Office of Residence Life issues keys for student mailboxes.

Where do I pick up my mail?

All resident student mail is delivered to the student mailboxes in Science Hall.  
Faculty and Administrative mail is delivered to the faculty lounge mail boxes in Old Main or to the appropriate faculty/administrative office.

Where do I receive my parcels?

All parcels are received by the Canisius mailroom and logged in.  Monitor your Griff-Mail account daily for notification of your parcel’s arrival.  You must go to the College mailroom with your ID to pick up your parcel.

Where do I purchase postage?

There are two (2) automated postage machines located on Campus:  One in Bagen Hall lower level and one in Science Hall, near the mail room service window. With a credit card, you may purchase postage, weigh your parcels, or send Priority Mail.  There is a mail deposit box located next to each machine.

How do I send parcels?

The Canisius College mail room in Science Hall will assist you in sending domestic and foreign mail, Fed-Ex or UPS.