Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Learn Outside the Classroom

Undergraduate Research

As early as freshman year, chemistry and biochemistry majors are encouraged to become involved in research projects, closely supervised by faculty in the department.  Stipends are available to fund students’ work on a broad range of research projects during the summer.  Click the Undergraduate Research link on the left for more information.  

Chemistry Club (SCACS)

Explore potential careers in chemistry, get together with fellow students and faculty through numerous fun activities, and demonstrate the excitement of chemistry to elementary and middle school students.  Click the Chemistry Club (SCACS) link on the left for more information. 


Learn about the latest research developments and career opportunities in chemistry and biochemistry through lectures given by invited speakers from other universities.  Our prestigious Gassman Seminar Series brings globally renowned chemists to Canisius!  Click the links on the left to learn about upcoming speakers.


Summer Science Camp

Want to help middle school students explore science through hands-on activities?  The annual Summer Science Camp provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to teach science.  For more information click the Summer Science Camp link on the left.

Chemistry Olympiad

Annual international high school chemistry competition sponsored by the American Chemical Society.  The Chemistry Olympiad local competition in Western New York is hosted by the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Canisius College.

Science Olympiad

National high school science competition with events encompassing astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, geology, forensics, engineering, and more!  The Lake Erie-Niagara Regional Science Olympiad Competition in New York State is hosted by the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Canisius College.


Cooperative educational enrichment program that prepares inner city, minority, female and other under-represented students for careers in science, engineering, and technology.  The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department hosts the portion of the BEAM program for students who have completed 9th and 10th grades.

Freshman Science Floor

Live with other science majors on the freshman science floor in Frisch Hall.  Resident Assistants are upper-class science majors.  Programs are offered that explore the particular interests of science majors.