Visiting Speakers 

Seminars are held in Horan O’Donnell Room 109 and start at 2:00 pm.

Fall 2014 

September 5, 2014

Jennifer Surtees

Prof. Jennifer A. Surtees

“DNA Mismatch Repair Gone Rogue: Insights into Trinucleotide Repeat Instability”

Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, SUNY, University at Buffalo

September 12, 2014

 Andrew Kauffmann

Andrew Kauffmann ('11)

“NMR and Chemical Mapping Studies of Conserved Structures from Influenza A Virus"

Department of Chemistry, University of Rochester

Spring 2014 

January 31, 2014

Zack Falls

Zachary Falls ('12)

“Dynamic Equilibria and Interactions in Cp2ZrMe2-MAO (methylaluminoxane)-Catalyzed Heterogeneous Olefin Polymerization”

Department of Chemistry, SUNY, University at Buffalo

April 4, 2014

Jared Paul

Prof. Jared Paul ('00)

“An Unexpected Journey: How the Quest for Understanding Ligand Effects in Water Oxidation Catalysis Led to a New Research Direction and a Fitting Tribute."

Department of Chemistry, Villanova University

Fall 2013

September 6, 2013

Brian Donovan.jpg

Brian R. Donovan ('11)

“Mussel Inspired Thiol-Ene Adhesives and Polyacrylonitrile-based Precursors for Carbon Fiber"

School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, The University of Southern Mississippi

September 13, 2013

Christine Chow

Prof. Christine S. Chow

“Beyond A, C, G, and U”

Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University

September 20, 2013

Brian Donovan.jpg

Prof. David W. Ball

"Science, Skepticism, and the Benefits of Random Knowledge""

Department of Chemistry, Cleveland State University