Learning Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Goal 1:            

Knowledge; Department majors will demonstrate an understanding of fundamental chemical concepts. 

  • Objective A: Concepts; Demonstrate broad knowledge of chemical concepts;
  • Objective B:  Reactions; Predict and analyze the effects of chemical changes;
  • Objective C:  Derivations; Manipulate expressions of chemical quantities to derive higher-order relationships;
  • Objective D:  Safety; Demonstrate knowledge of chemical, instrumental and workplace safety.

Student Learning Goal 2:      

Professional Skills; Department majors will be able to work effectively in a professional or laboratory setting.

  • Objective A: Scientific Literacy; Identify, access and use chemical literature sources;
  • Objective B: Scientific Method; Define chemical problems, then formulate hypotheses and design experiments to address them;
  • Objective C: Laboratory Skills; Carry out experiments (follow directions, manipulate materials and lab apparatus, record data);
  • Objective D:  Laboratory Instrumentation; Use modern instrumentation (prepare samples, operate systems, troubleshoot common problems, organize and label data).

Student Learning Goal 3:      

Communication; Department majors will be proficient in the communication of chemical information.

  • Objective A: Oral Communication; Construct and deliver an effective oral presentation;
  • Objective B: Written Communication; Write an effective, properly formatted scientific report.