Learning Goals & Objectives

Learning Goal 1

Students will develop proficiency in ancient Greek and/or Latin. 

Students will:
  • Objective A:   Demonstrate mastery of vocabulary and lexical skills;
  • Objective B:   Demonstrate mastery of grammar and syntax; 
  • Objective C:   Write a sound English translation of a Greek or Latin text which illustrates clear understanding of the test’s meaning.  

Learning Goal 2

Students will develop skills in philological interpretation.

Students will: 
  • Objective A:   Comment thoughtfully on aspects of literary style, vocabulary, sentence structure, and use of rhetorical figures and tropes;  
  • Objective B:  Address basic textual problems; 
  • Objective C:  Know the distinctive features of the major ancient literary genres as illustrated in various texts.                                   

Learning Goal 3

Students will be able to interpret non-literary evidence such as art objects, monuments, and inscriptions.

Students will: 
  • Objective A: Interpret artifacts of the ancient world, such as art, architecture, and other material remains; 
  • Objective B: Read and interpret epigraphic and numismatic remains.   

Learning Goal 4

Students will know and appreciate the significance of the historical and cultural contexts of ancient Greek and Roman texts, artifacts, and events.  

Students will: 
  • Objective A: Have a fundamental knowledge of ancient religion, languages, history, literature, philosophy, art, and social structures;
  • Objective B: Place specific texts, artifacts, individuals, and events within these historical and cultural contexts. 

Learning Goal 5

Students will gain proficiency in fundamental research methods. 

Students will: 
  • Objective A: Formulate meaningful questions about and interpretations of ancient texts;
  • Objective B: Locate, understand, and synthesize modern scholarly treatments of particular texts or issues regarding the ancient world; 
  • Objective C: Produce scholarly work based on both primary and secondary sources.

Learning Goal 6

Students will be well versed in classical antiquity’s legacy.

Students will: 
  • Objective A: Appreciate influences of Greek and Roman civilization on later art and architecture, philosophy and religion; 
  • Objective B: Appreciate influences of Greek and Roman civilization on later literature and languages; 
  • Objective C: Appreciate influences of Greek and Roman civilization on later politics, law and social structure.