CSPA Internships

CSPA Internships

An important part of your graduate program will be your internship experience, which takes place during the second year of the program. Each of the two mandatory internships requires a minimum of 225 hours of supervised experience, the completion of a reflection paper, and a satisfactory evaluation of your performance by your supervisor. As part of the academic program, you earn three credit hours for each successful internship.

Your internship experience in student personnel administration should take place in an environment which expects a high level of performance from you, but which does so while providing effective guidance and support. It is important for you to consider your interests and career goals when planning this experience. 

Most students have elected to complete the first internship experience during the summer between the two program years. They register for the internship and submit the required paper during the regular fall and spring semesters of the second year. Through this option many students have expanded their professional networks beyond the Western New York area. CSPA students have held internships on the Canisius campus and at virtually every college and university in the region. During the summer they have held internships across the country and even internationally. 

Internships are a wonderful way to apply knowledge you have gained in the classroom, to gain new professional skills, to explore your possible career choices, and to network. We surveyed our CSPA graduates and found that they regard this aspect of the program as particularly valuable. Several obtained their first jobs because of their internships.

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