Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Communication Studies Major

Say what you need to say

(John Clayton Mayer)

We, in Communication Studies, work to help you communicate exactly what you mean, in any context, in words or images, to inform, persuade and defend. That occurs with friends and family, throughout the workplace, and now, across the ever-changing, socially-mediated, digital landscape.

Our graduates work as broadcasters and producers in TV, radio and the online world of social media. They plan, write and create advertising and public relations, and serve as spokespersons for companies and products. They design communications through digital art, animation, games, film, video and web pages. Some communicate an organization’s values, either through corporate communications, human relations, sales or management. Others report on our world as journalists, storytellers and videographers. Finally, many have extended their education in graduate and professional schools.

They’ve learned to say what needs to be said in meaningful and compelling ways, even as the world evolves and changes. You can too.

Why Study Communication at Canisius?

  • 90% of Canisius College Communication Studies alumni are working in the field.
  • Communication Studies Student Projects are consistent award winners (and the only student winners) in a Public Relations Society of America professional competition.
  • The Peabody Award and Emmy Award are just two of the honors that have been bestowed upon our alumni.
  • The Digital Media Arts program allows students to gain cutting-edge practical and theoretical skills to create and design content using digital tools.
  • Canisius’ innovative program for Journalism majors prepares students for the industry’s shift toward cross-platform news and feature reporting. 

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