Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Integrated Marketing Sequence

There are clearly defined differences among the fields of advertising, public relations, and marketing.  Yet, among professionals in these disciplines, there is a growing recognition that an organization's goals and objectives can best be obtained through a coordinated and unified approach to communication planning.  Com Studies majors pursuing the Advertising/Public Relations sequence who desire to acquire a greater knowledge of this comprehensive communication planning process may pursue a course of study through the Communication Studies Department that provides a marketing communications focus.

Communication Studies majors seeking a Marketing Communications Concentration can do so by taking: Com 311-Principles of Advertising (taken as a COM elective); COM 312-Public Relations: Principles & Practices (taken as a COM elective); and, MKT 201-Principles of Marketing (taken as a free elective).  The fourth course, also taken as a free elective, would be selected from Management/Marketing courses including: Consumer Behavior, Professional Sales, Direct Marketing/Database Marketing, Products and Promotions, or other Marketing courses associated with the Marketing Communications function.

Students who successfully complete this course of study will receive and award of completion from the Communication Studies Department.

For further information, please contact Professor John Dahlberg, (716) 888-2111 or via Email