Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Program Overview

New technologies continue to revolutionize the way people do business and stay in touch with world affairs. Using these technologies, the Department of Communication Studies has opened the doors to emerging careers in the field of communication.

The communication studies major at Canisius College offers three sequences: 

A concentration in integrated marketing communications is also available. Students who successfully complete this course of study will receive an award of completion from the Department of Communication Studies. 

Communication studies graduates work in fields including journalism, video production, media, public relations, advertising, media management, law, personnel counseling, and arts administration. Canisius College offers tremendous internship opportunities in these fields.


A list of majors and their advisors and a list of all faculty, including office hours, room numbers and telephone extensions, are posted on a bulletin board next to LY 314.  Advising lists are also posted on faculty office doors. COM, DMA and JRN majors may also download the Spring 2015 Advisor-Advisee list