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Courses & Curriculum





ALH 500

Healthcare Systems


ALH 501

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention


CSH 520

Leadership Initiatives


CSH 530

State of the Nation’s Child


ALH 531

Applied Statistics for Health Professions


ALH 540

Program Planning in Healthcare


CSH 550

Health Impacts on Academic Success K-12


ALH 631

Research Methods in Allied Health


CSH 670

Healthcare and Public Policy


ALH 689

Master’s Project/Thesis I



Guided Elective



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COURSES 2012-2014

ALH 500 Healthcare Systems     3 credits
The course introduces students to the historical development, structure, operation, and current and future directions of the major components of the American health care delivery system. It examines the ways in which health care services are organized and delivered, the influences that impact health care public policy decisions, factors that determine the allocation of health care resources and the establishment of priorities, and the relationship of health care costs to measurable benefits. The course enables students to assess the role of organized efforts to influence health policy formulation, and the contributions of medical technology, research findings, and societal values on our evolving health care delivery system.

ALH 501 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention     3 credits
This course will provide students with information that will enable them to develop a practical approach to health promotion and disease prevention for a specific target population. Specifically, the course is designed to help in the development of programs within schools, communities, and the work-place.

CSH 520 Leadership Initiatives in Community and School Health     3 credits
This course is designed to expand the student’s knowledge of a variety of leadership concepts and explore how these concepts can be integrated into community and school health settings. Students will examine organizational systems and structures, leadership styles, change theory, conflict and power, and coalition building.

CSH 530 State of the Nation’s Child      3 credits
An exploratory course on the national and statewide issues of poverty, child welfare, and youth at risk impacting the nation’s children.

ALH 531 Applied Statistics for the Health Professions     3 credits
In this course, students will learn to select appropriate statistical procedures, analyze data, and interpret the results. SPSS for Windows will be used to cover descriptive statistics, tests of differences, and to develop methods of presenting tables and graphs.

ALH 540 Program Planning in Healthcare      3 credits
This course is designed to provide students with an overview of models, strategies, interventions and assessment techniques to use in designing, planning, initiating and evaluating public health programs that address the most important health issues affecting our communities at the local, state, national and international levels.   As a foundation for exploration and discussion, the socio-ecologic framework (individual/behavioral, environmental/social/community and policy levels) of interventions will all be studied.

CSH 550 Health Impacts on Academic Success K-12      3 credits
This course addresses the growing number of health issues unique to the school age child K-12.  Topics such as expanding chronic health problems and diseases linked to teen lifestyle choices will be explored and discussed.

ALH 631 Research Methods in Allied Health     3 credits
This course considers research methods and designs used in a variety of professional settings. The development of research techniques will be emphasized, including the ability to define research problems, develop hypotheses, review and interpret literature, apply research designs and draw relevant conclusions. The class culminates in the student writing and presenting a research proposal.

CSH 670 Healthcare and Public Policy      3 credits
This course expands the student’s knowledge of the U.S. healthcare system and fosters understanding of the process of public policy development.  Political policy debates related to school health are discussed.

ALH 689 Master’s Project/Thesis I     3 credits
Provides initiation to scholarly investigation. Requires students to submit a written research or project proposal for approval by a thesis/project committee. Prerequisite: Permission of program director.

Guided Elective (Selected with advisor)     3 credits