Master's in Community & School Health FAQs

1.  Why choose MS in Community & School Health at Canisius?

  • With more than 75 years of experience in granting master's degrees, Canisius is one of the most well respected schools in the region.
  • The School and Community Health master’s program can be completed entirely online. There is no residency requirement on our campus in Buffalo, NY.
  • Canisius faculty have significant field experience, academic research credentials and connections with the professional community.

2.  When can I start the program?

Terms are eight weeks in length with start dates in the fall, spring and summer. Course offerings are limited in the summer. 

You select your start date when you file your application. If you are unsure of your start date, select the earliest one that you may attend. Should you be accepted and wish to change your start date, simply inform the Graduate Admissions office in writing of your new start date and the change will be noted on your file.

3.  How long will the degree take?
The program is designed to be flexible. It may be completed in as little as one year or at your own pace.

4.  Will the entire program be taken online or will I need to come to Buffalo, NY?
The program can be completed entirely online. Students are not required to come on campus.

5.  How will I take the online classes?

You will be able to take these classes using a computer that is linked to the web. As with most online experiences, a faster connection will enhance this interactive experience. Canisius College uses a learning management system for its online courses. The learning management system is widely used and has established itself as a user-friendly interface between faculty and students. Participants in the program will use the learning management system and email to complete course assignments and to communicate with classmates and faculty. 

To learn more about online learning at Canisius, visit the Readiness for Online Learning web page.

6.  Will I learn as much in an online program as in a regular program?
There has been much debate and investigation on this topic. Current opinion seems to support the conclusion that on-line learning can be just as effective as regular classroom instruction. Researchers point out that in classroom settings students are able to avoid participation and let others interact. In contrast, with online instruction there is nowhere to hide. The learning experience requires constant interaction between instructors and students and students and their peers. Online instruction is not for everyone but for the motivated learner who is comfortable with using technology, online instruction can be equal to or even more effective than traditional classroom teaching.

7. Once registered for my courses, how do I get started?

You will use the Canisius learning management system, located on the Canisius Web site, to get instructions for each of your courses of study.  Once registered, simply use your username and password to log in to the learning management system.  Once logged in, you will see a listing of your registered courses. You can get course information, including textbooks needed for the course.  You should also use your username/password to check your Canisius email account regularly for important college and course information.

8.  How do I purchase books for my courses?
Books may be purchased on-line from the Canisius Bookstore.

9.  How do I apply?
You can complete a Graduate Application online for free.  We recommend that you submit all application materials at least 30 days before your desired start date.