Computer Science

Computer Science

Do You Want to be a 21st Century Problem-solver?

If so, then consider computer science at Canisius for a cutting edge career in computer technology.  More than just numbers and code, the computer science program encompasses the entire study of computation so that you may apply it to the world around you to organize information, build smaller, faster and more secure systems and delve deep into complex data sets.  You’ll explore all of this in the college’s newly-opened Science Hall - equipped with modern-day technology and some super cool robots – and graduate as a highly-sought after candidate by potential employers.  

Why Study Computer Science at Canisius

  • The Computer Science Department boasts 100 percent job placement and starting salaries for our graduates tend to be the 3rd or 4th highest of all majors. 
  • There’s no need for post-graduate work, unless you want to go into teaching or maybe start the next Apple, Intel or Microsoft or win an Academy Awards - which our graduates sometimes do. 
  • Student research projects are collaborative with faculty members.  That means you develop you own research projects based on your own interests.  Want to explore robotics?  No problem, our faculty will help you.  Want to solve a problem with a computer system or network, or explore artificial intelligence?  OK, let’s get started.
  • The Canisius connection is in full force via the department’s “grapevine.”  Canisius computer science graduates often land jobs with previous Canisius graduates because the alumni know how well trained our students are.

Want more information?

Call 1-800-843-1517 to talk to an admissions counselor.