Computer Science

Computer Science

Learn Outside the Classroom

Student/Faculty Research Opportunities

Faculty often collaborate in research projects directly with students on projects including:

  • Java garbage collection techniques
  • Memory management and data locality within computer programs including the efficient use and reclamation of memory
  • Artificial intelligence techniques
  • Robot simulators
  • Graphics research including 3D applications and technology

Strong alumni network benefits job placement

You will spend a lot of time with your fellow students working on projects, competing in programming contests, playing computer games, and even working on external jobs together.  In fact, “the grapevine” is one of our most successful job placement services due to our strong alumni connections. 

Great Facilities

The department has state of the art equipment to support course work as well as student and faculty research.  This includes:

  • A main file server running Linux.
  • A new project room in Science Hall with 17 brand new dual-boot iMacs that is exclusively used by Computer Science majors and minors and Bioinformatics majors.
  • An advanced research laboratory that has computer systems to support research into memory management and data locality, cluster computing, and graphics and three-dimensional visualization.

Because we are closely associated with the college’s bioinformatics program, you will also have access to the robotics lab and the following:

  • Students in early computer science courses will get the chance to program some of these robots as they learn computer concepts, including using the LEGO Mindstorm robots are based on the LEGO blocks and include a large yellow programmable block that can control motors and check the status of sensors. 
  • Six Sony AIBO robotic dogs have built in actions and can respond to both spoken commands as well as touch.  Pet the dogs and watch them play with toys and each other.  The real power is in the ability to program these dogs with user written programs that change how the dogs move and the types of things they can do.  One international competition has teams of dogs playing soccer against each other.
  • The Evolution  Robotics ER-1 robot includes a camera and a gripper arm, and is controlled by a laptop computer that is mounted on the robot.  The camera allows the program running on the laptop to control the robot's motions based on what is being "seen" by the robot.  There are competitions where these robots attempt to complete some task in the shortest time. 

Computer Science Club

All Canisius students whose major or minor is computer science are automatically part of the Computer Science Club, a recognized and established campus organization.  This club sponsors recreational and educational activities that encourage you to interact socially and to collaborate on major projects.  An original Beowulf cluster was their biggest and most expensive accomplishment. Every year the club sends a team to the CCSCNE conference to participate in the regional programming contest.