Computer Science

Computer Science

Program Overview

The computer science major offers the following paths of study:

1. A Bachelor of Science degree for students interested in indepth study of computer issues. The Science Track is designed for students with a scientific interest and the interdisciplinary track is designed for those interested in combining their studies with course work in another area. Students will follow just one of these two tracks.

2. Two minors in computer science for those interested in programming or computers but do not want to major in it and are not going to seek full-time employment in the field.

Overall, course work includes programming, information organization, distributed computing, computing theory, software engineering, and up-to-date electives.  Professionalism, computer ethics, decision-making skills, and writing and communication skills are essential to all computer scientists and are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

The Canisius College Department of Computer Science delivers a high quality education to its students, engages in research and publications that advances computer science and computer science education, provides modern computer equipment to support these efforts, and creates an environment that is supportive of all who want to study in this field.

Employment opportunities for graduates with a computer science degree from Canisius are very good and starting salaries tend to be the third or fourth highest of all Canisius majors.  Those who go on to get a Masters degree tend to have the most mobility and job security.  We help our students enter this exciting and lucrative profession by providing an education that will last a lifetime.  Many of our graduates go on to do great things, like win Academy Awards, get PhDs, start their own companies, work in multi-national companies, get their MBAs, and become community leaders.