Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts

Digital Filmmaking

Advances in SRL, GoPro and 4K digital cinema cameras have brought filmmaking workflows to the computer lab. Digital Media Arts majors combine production skills of working with cameras, lighting, broadcast and audio equipment through the Digital Filmmaking Concentration. DMA filmmaking alums work as professional Independent Filmmakers, Commercial Video Producers, Editors, Motion Graphics and Special Effects Artists.

In addition to DMA core (link) courses, students complete 5 electives in the Digital Filmmaking concentration, one of which fulfills the Senior Project and Portfolio* requirement. Many courses from other programs such as Communication Studies (COM) count as DMA electives, however, at least 3 of 5 electives must have a DMA prefix (e.g. DMA 385 )

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Digital Filmmaking Electives

DMA 385: Digital Filmmaking
DMA 387: Commercial Filmmaking & Video
DMA 399: Social Documentary (Core Capstone & Senior Project and Portfolio* requirement)
DMA 309: Music Technology
DMA 310: Digital Audio/Music Production

Qualified Non-DMA courses:

COM 325: Media Literacy
COM 361: Introduction to TV Production
COM 374: Film History
COM 375: Film Classics
COM 376: Film Genres
COM 491, 492: Video Institute I, II
ENT 201: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
SOC 324: Visual Sociology

Course Descriptions 

DMA 385: Digital Filmmaking3 credits
This course introduces advanced SLR and digital cinema camera lens techniques for narrative filmmaking (shooting dramatic and comedic scenes). Production demos include lighting for filmmaking, boom mics, and camera support systems for dolly, crane and steady-cam shots. FInal Cut and Adobe Premiere software is used to learn the techniques of narrative film editing. Prerequisite: DMA 201 or permission of instructor.

DMA 387: Commercial Filmmaking & Video3 credits
Students create short-form TV and Web video commercials, learn camera and lens techniques for shooting action B-roll (sports, how-to, music video etc.) promotional videos, and branded films. This course also covers wireless audio and LED lighting equipment for run-and-gun interview shooting, a crucial skill for broadcast, advertising or documentary work. Prerequisite: DMA 201 or permission of instructor.

DMA 399: Social Documentary3 credits
This course fulfills the Senior Project and Portfolio requirement for the Digital Filmmaking concentration and the Core Capstone attribute for graduating seniors. Students examine a survey of important documentary photographers and filmmakers in order to understand the social function and ethical issues of documentary images. Digital Filmmaking students script a blueprint for a large-scale documentary and the promotional clips and pilot scenes necessary to market their project. By integrating the Jesuit tradition of service-to-others with the skills of the filmmaker, DMA 399 students realize how engagement with social issues is a key ingredient to their professional success in the digital filmmaking industry. Prerequisite: DMA 201 or JRN 201, or permission of instructor.

DMA 309: Music Technology3 credits
Explore music sequencing, midi, audio plug-ins and other tools used by professional musicians, sound designers and multimedia specialists. No music background required. There is no prerequisite for this Field 3: Arts course, open to all majors.

DMA 310: Digital Audio/Music Production3 credits
Learn fundamental techniques of digital audio and music production using current technologies in digital recording, software and audio post-production. Discuss current trends in audio production and the tools used for composing electronic music. No music background required. There is no prerequisite for this Field 3: Arts course, open to all majors.