Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts

Graphic Design

Graphic design is in integral component of communication studies and digital media arts. It’s how we present what we’re trying to say. Talented and skilled graphic designers are in demand in a wide range of areas, including advertising/marketing industries, education institutions, athletics departments, corporations, and non-profits. As a student in this concentration, you will complete projects focusing on typography, color theory, layout, and illustration in a wide-ranging field of applications and formats. You’ll become an expert in creativity-focused software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You’ll learn to be a creative problem solver, designing unique, engaging and visually dynamic solutions to complex problems. And you’ll build a stunning portfolio that proves it.

In addition to DMA core courses, students complete 5 courses in Graphic Design concentration, one of which fulfills Senior Project and Portfolio* requirement. A number of courses from other programs such as Fine Arts Studio (FAS) or Communication Studies (COM) count as DMA electives, however, at least 3 out of 5 electives have to have a DMA prefix (e.g. DMA 395 - Digital Illustration)

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Graphic Design Electives

DMA 384: Typography
DMA 395: Digital Illustration
DMA 363: Print Design
DMA 393: Advertising Design (Senior Project and Portfolio* requirement)

Qualified Non-DMA courses:

COM 311: Principles of Advertising
COM 315: Advertising and the Creative Process
FAS 110: Two-Dimensional Design
FAS 130: Three-Dimensional Design
FAS 120: Drawing I
FAS 140: Introduction to Still Photography
FAS 150: Color
FAS 170: Painting I
PHI 291: Philosophy of Art

Course Descriptions

DMA 384: Typography, 3 credits
This course will focus on typography as an element of graphic design. Through assignments, class discussion, and reading, students can expect a greater understanding of how typography can enhance creativity and communication. There is no prerequisite for course.

DMA 395: Digital Illustration, 3 credits
Don’t violate copyrighted imagery off the web - create your own! You don’t have to know how to draw to create stunning graphics. Use Adobe CS to learn approaches, techniques and current trends of professional illustrators. Prerequisite: DMA 201 or permission of instructor

DMA 363: Print Design3 credits
Examines the possibilities, constraints and applications of designing for the print medium. Students will complete a series of portfolio-focused assignments that explore advanced print formats such as folding and binding, multi-page document preparation and execution, and traditional printmaking techniques including letterpress and silkscreen. This course fulfills the Senior Project and Portfolio requirement for the Graphic Design concentration. Prerequisites: DMA 214 or DMA 212.

DMA 393: Advertising Design3 credits
Offers experienced design students a series of challenging projects and exercises, characteristic of those found in the advertising industry. Projects will undergo proposal, development, and critique in a group setting. Projects will be done in collaboration with COM 320-Advertising Writing. This course fulfills Senior Project and Portfolio requirement for Graphic Design concentration. Prerequisite: DMA 201 and DMA 214, or permission of instructor.