Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts

Web Design

The web design concentration will equip students with the skills and understanding needed to succeed in a constantly evolving field. Fluency in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript are supplemented with core design skills. Advanced topics include WordPress, PHP, MySQL, e-commerce, social media and server management. Graduates can expect to meet the growing industry demand for web designers with a degree, portfolio and resume uniquely positioned to help them succeed.

In addition to DMA core courses, students complete 5 courses in Web Design concentration, one of which fulfills Senior Project and Portfolio* requirement. A number of courses from other programs such as Fine Arts Studio (FAS) or Computer Science count as DMA electives, however, at least 3 of 5 electives have to have a DMA prefix (e.g. DMA 422 - Introduction to Web Design)

For more information about Web Design concentration, please e-mail Prof. Ben Dunkle (

Web Design Electives

DMA 342: Intro to Web Design
DMA 370: Designing for Mobile Devices
DMA 442: Advanced Web Design (Senior Project and Portfolio* requirement)

Qualified Non-DMA courses:

CSC 108: Intro to Web Computing
CSC 111: Intro to Programming
CSC 380: Web Development
FAS 141: Digital Photography
ISB 455: E-Commerce
ISB 470: Cyber Security

Course Descriptions

DMA 342: Intro to Web Design3 credits
Introduction to the state of the art, on-line multimedia publishing. Working individually and in teams, students learn to publish well-designed World Wide Web documents that communicate effectively. Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this course, open to DMA and Computer Science majors.

DMA 370: Designing for Mobile Devices3 credits
Proliferation of mobile devices in our society has had great effect on how information is distributed, how content is produced and how people interact with digital content. In this course students learn how to create and design content targeted for mobile screens, and how to take advantage of mobile specific functionality such as touch, multi-touch, GPS and accelerometer. Prerequisite: DMA 201 or permission of instructor, open to DMA and Computer Science majors.

DMA 442: Advanced Web Design3 credits
This course is for students with a serious interest in web design. It aims to explore the current state of web design techniques and trends including responsive web design, custom WordPress themes, and e-commerce development. This course fulfills Senior Project and Portfolio requirement for Web Design concentration. Prerequisite: DMA 342 or CSC 108, or DMA217, or permission of instructor, open to DMA and Computer Science majors.