Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts

Learn Outside the Classroom

Students in the DMA program have numerous opportunities to engage in theoretical and applied research with faculty and third-party institutions. Our faculty is highly engaged in local community of designers, artists, developers and filmmakers, and as a result our students can take advantage of opportunities to learn and practice real-world skills and collaborate with professionals in their area of interest.

Canisius College Video Institute

Through the Canisius College Video Institute, co-directed by Prof. Jamie O’Neil (DMA), you will be able to create video projects for various non-profit and human services agencies in the Buffalo area. You will not only get a great project for your portfolio, but will also have the chance to learn more about how local agencies serve various people in the area.  Past organizations have included: Buffalo History Museum, Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo, Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Hispanics United of Buffalo, Western New York Peace Center, The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, among others. Many of these projects have been recognized for excellence through the Public Relations Society of America Buffalo Niagara Chapter, The Communicator Awards and The Telly Awards. For more information visit the Video Institute website.

WordCamp Buffalo

WordCamp Buffalo is an annual conference organized by Prof. Ben Dunkle (DMA), a designer and developer for the most popular web content management and blogging platform, WordPress. The conference draws experts in WordPress development from all over the U.S. and Canada in addition to over 100 participants each year. It’s an excellent opportunity for our students to be involved in the open source movement that is transforming today’s World Wide Web. For more information visit WordCamp Buffalo website. Students can also attend a bi-weekly meetup group focused on learning WordPress.

Buffalo Game Space

DMA program is affiliated with the Buffalo Game Space, a non-profit organization established with the aim of developing a thriving gaming industry in Buffalo. It is a local community of game developers and designers who meet regularly for workshops, talks and presentations, and of course to play games. Dr. P.J. Moskal (DMA) is on the board of directors of the organization. For more information visit the Buffalo Game Space website.

DMA Student Club

DMA program has a very active DMA Student Club that meets every week for fun activities, tutorials and trips. Students showcase their skills, talk about interesting projects they found on the web and learn from tutorials presented by Prof. Ben Dunkle and Dr. P.J. Moskal, the two moderators of the club. Usually once a year, the club organizes a trip to a conference or museum. Past trips included: Future Innovation Technology Creativity (FITC) workshops and conferences in Toronto and visits to local galleries and museums. “Like” and connect with the DMA Club on facebook.

Fusion Gaming Society

The purpose of the Canisius College Fusion Gaming Society is to unite members of the college community through mutual enjoyment of multiplayer gaming experiences. The club is open to all college students, for more information visit Fusion facebook page.


DMA students are encouraged to participate in at least one internship within their area of interest. Internships are available to juniors and seniors, and are seen as a culminating opportunity to apply the theory and skills developed in the classroom, in a real-world setting.

Some examples of companies where Canisius students have interned are: WGR-55, Snyacor Inc., Moog Inc., Moore Wallace, Perfect Parallel, Chameleon Communications, Eastco Multimedia Solutions, Buffalo Science Museum, Daily Post, Buffalo Spree magazine, Traffic East Magazine, The Martin Group, Travers Collins & Company, Computers for Children Inc., among others.

Canisius Earning Excellence Program

DMA majors can get involved in faculty-student research projects through Canisius Earning Excellence Program (CEEP). Through the program, selected students are paid to work with faculty on their research projects over the course of a year. The results are often published and presented at academic conferences or industry conventions. Students present their projects and research finding annually at the Ignatian Scholarship Day. Past projects include:

  • Gravity Jump - educational game about gravity designed for K12 students
  • Nut Warz - health awareness mobile game designed for testicular cancer awareness campaign
  • Communication Studies Video Wall - designed for Communication Studies department to promote the program and showcase student projects
  • The Wire - Canisius College online radio station, among others