Program Overview

This program enables a qualified student in most majors to earn an undergraduate degree and an MBA within a five-year period. During the first three years, students take courses to fulfill their core curriculum and major-area requirements, saving electives for their senior year. In their senior year, they complete their undergraduate requirements and use their free electives to take a series of introductory graduate courses. They complete the MBA requirements in the fifth year.

Students may have to take more than the normal 15 credit hours per semester in the fourth year in order to satisfy the requirements of their undergraduate major and complete the MBA program by the summer of their fifth year. This will depend upon the number of credit hours remaining in their undergraduate program at the beginning of the fourth year.

Waivers for MBA classes are based on equivalent courses taken at Canisius College. MBA courses in economics, statistics and accounting may be waived for students who achieve a grade of B or higher in ECO 101-102, ECO 255-256, and ACC 201-202 (or 211-212) respectively. MBA courses in organizational behavior, marketing, operations management and finance may be waived for students in those majors. However, students will not be granted more than 12 credit-hours of waivers. See an advisor for further information on waivers.