Bachelor's Degree in Economics - Program Overview

The Canisius program focuses on the underlying principles of the workplace - the "how" and "why" of business, rather than the "what."  With this knowledge, our graduates are better able to understand and effect change.

Economics at Canisius can be studied in two ways – as a direct stepping stone to a career in business without any post-graduate education, as the opportunity to create “their own major.” 

  • Bachelor of Science - includes the business core curriculum.  Students take this track if they wish to directly obtain careers in business and industry.
  • Bachelor of Arts - focuses on how economies operate and is best taken by students who plan to attend law school or other graduate programs.  This also leaves enough free electives so that obtaining a second major in fields such as foreign languages, communications, or sciences.

Coursework can also be combined with activities outside the classroom including various internship opportunities in the Western New York area.