Office of Educational

Office of Educational<br>Partnerships

Office of Educational Partnerships

The School of Education and Human Services at Canisius prides itself in establishing high quality, mutually beneficial relationships with Public, Catholic, Charter and Independent schools. Our students are professionally prepared for initial and advanced certification under the guidance and mentorship of teachers and administrators in our partner schools. 

Canisius invites teachers and school leaders to work together to improve teacher preparation in New York State and Ontario. It is our firm belief that clinically rich teacher preparation will foster the development of new teachers who understand the various challenges of the profession.  Immersing our students in partnership schools provides authentic experiences which serve the needs of the school and community, while also providing teacher candidates with close mentoring and support as they acquire the skills and dispositions necessary to be successful educators.

Collaboration with Canisius provides embedded professional development for both mentor teachers and Canisius teacher candidates. Such partnerships should be of mutual benefit; therefore, Canisius works closely with our school partners to set goals together and to regularly assess the impact of the partnership on both our teacher preparation programs and the learning and experiences of the children in our partnership schools.

For more information, or to begin a conversation about possible partnerships with Canisius, please contact:

Nancy Wallace, Ph.D.
Director, School and Community Partnerships