The Stanley Makowski School

image of the Stanley Makowski School

Public School #99, is an early childhood center in Buffalo Public Schools (BPS), situated in the inner-city. It was established in 1995, unlike some city schools which were built over 100 years ago. The building and the program was designed by a team of early childhood professionals from BPS that embraced Developmentally Appropriate Practices, as identified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The Makowski School and Canisius College, have made a decision to nurture a rich relationship in the image of Professional Development Schools (PDS). This partnership will be uniquely designed to benefit all stakeholders, with a special emphasis on children. We will work collaboratively to help ensure our young students are educated socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively and will be college & career ready. The International Baccalaureate Program will help direct our actions to prepare students to become responsible and productive global citizens.  We will also work collaboratively to ensure that our teacher education candidates will be well-prepared for these challenges. Our decisions will be research-driven and will embrace inquiry-based learning. We will strive to conduct this alliance, at all times, in a climate of respect, professionalism, & inclusivity.

In a pilot program this semester, classrooms of children at The Makowski School are Skyping on Smart Boards with children at Colegio de San Ignacio in Spain, another SEHS PDS Partner, on a weekly basis:

  • children first view a map of the world & locate each other 
  •  they learn simple phrases to greet each other, in their new friends’ language                                                                
  • they entertain with a song, poem, etc. in their native language.

Other opportunities at Stanley Makowski for teacher candidates of Canisius College include:
  • Teacher Candidates in a literacy class created a resource manual for appropriate storybooks to support the 6 transdisciplinary IB themes for Makowski teachers
  • Teacher Candidates learned about the BPS Math program, Investigations, through professional development presentations by the Math coordinator, Caroline Parrinello. They also observed master teachers present and lastly facilitated the lessons with young children          
  • Teacher Candidates created, facilitated and evaluated sociodramatic play centers in Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms

What are the teacher candidates saying about The Stanley Makowski School? 

"Student teaching at Makowski Early ChIldhood Center was a learning-filled experience for me. I was placed atMakowski for both my pre-student teaching and first student teaching placement. This meant that I was in the same classroom from September to March and was able to develop a stable, meaningful relationship with both the teachers and students. I worked with an incredible Pre-K teacher there and my she encouraged my passion for early childhood education. I feel that when working with young children a teacher can make a very large impact on their lives. Working with students in a high needs urban setting forced me to open myself to new experiences and ultimately to become passionate about urban education. I am pursuing an Americorps position next year in an urban school and my experience at Makowski was a huge part of that decision. The team of teachers at Makowski was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. Teachers volunteered to do presentations for us on Common Core, Data Analysis, as well as other "hot topics" in education. Because Makowski is a Professional Development School for Canisius we were able to be involved in many aspects of the school other than only our own classroom as well as witness the strong partnership between Canisius and Makowski."

- Alayla Henry '13