Tapestry Charter School

Tapestry Charter School (K-12) and Canisius College School of Education and Human Services have developed a formal partnership with this mission: "to develop a relationship betwen Tapestry Charter School and Canisius College that will enhance the child/student educational experience, provide opportunities for growth, and increase the likelihood of success through a sharing of respective resources."

A course on arts integration is taught by Dr. Nancy Wallace of the Canisius College Education Department on site at Tapestry School. The course is based on seminars taught by Tapestry teachers about how to integrate the arts into classroom teaching. 



Canisius students assisted Tapestry in building their new playground at their new Buffalo location! 



Canisius students from the Kinesiology department worked with Tapestry Students going through a ropes course in Hamburg. 

"It was great to see our pre-service teachers implementing the course content with children. This experience not only required that they know the content, but also that they can effectively teach it to children so they can learn. I commend Mr. Warner and Mr. Chaffee for arranging this experience for our students." 

-Jeffrey Lindauer, PhD
Dean, School of Education & Human Services

This fall Tapestry opened their new building which includes the elementary, middle, and high schools. This opening was celebrated by a galla that was attended by many Canisius grads, professors, and students.
Canisius graduate Bronwyn McNamara is now a middle school math teacher at Tapestry.

For more information, please contact the PDS liason:

Dr. Nancy Wallace,
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Education department,