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School Partnerships

The School of Education and Human Services at Canisius College prides itself in establishing high quality, mutually beneficial relationships with area schools. Our students are professionally prepared for initial and advanced certification under the guidance and mentorship of teachers and administrators in our partner schools.

The following is a list of our school partners in the Western New York area.


Tapestry Charter School

The Tapestry Charter School/Canisius College Professional Development School (PDS) is dedicated to preparing socially responsible students, teacher candidates, and educators within a vibrant community of learners and leaders. Partners share responsibility and appropriate resources for academic excellence though inquiry-based practices and relevant professional development. We weave together the essential elements to prepare PDS participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to inspire a life-long passion for learning and teaching.

Sweet Home Middle and High Schools

 The Canisius College/Sweet Home District Professional Development School (PDS) partnership is dedicated to fostering social responsibility and intellectual curiosity in students, teacher candidates, and educators. 

Charles H. Lindbergh Elementary School

Lindbergh /Canisius College Professional Development School (PDS) is dedicated to preparing socially responsible students, teacher candidates, and educators within a vibrant community of learners and leaders. Partners share responsibility and resources for academic excellence though inquiry-based practices and relevant professional development. 

BPS #99 Stanley M. Makowski 
Early Childhood Center

The mission statement directing the Professional Development School  (PDS) of The Makowski School and Canisius College emphasizes their decision to nurture a rich relationship. The partnership is uniquely designed to benefit all stakeholders, with a special emphasis on the young children. The International Baccalaureate Program will help direct all their actions to prepare  the young students to become responsible and productive global citizens. This PDS will also work collaboratively to ensure that the teacher education candidates will be well-prepared for the challenges of today’s schools. 

Charter School for Applied Technologies

Charter School for Applied Technologies (grades PreK-12) is the largest charter school in New York State. CSAT wants to prepare each child for the challenging society that awaits him or her.

Bishop Timon High School

Bishop Timon High School (grades 9-12) is a Roman Catholic college prep school for boys, serving the  Buffalo and Western New York area.

Nativity Miguel Middle School of Buffalo

Nativity Miguel Middle School (grades 5-8) creates an educational atmosphere that gives students the opportunity to graduate from high school and prepare them for college. 

Armor Elementary School 

The mission of Armor Elementary School (grades K-5) is to teach and nurture the whole child through academics, wellness, and character. Educators will foster life-long learners who are productive and responsible citizens of the world. 

Martin Road Elementary

Martin Road Elementary (grades 3-6) provides a learning environment that is safe, culturally responsive, and engaged staff and parents support students. 

Truman Elementary School 

Truman Elementary School (grades PreK-2) believes that students become educated in a variety of academic subjects by being educated in a culturally responsive environment. Truman Elementary strives to develop students that demonstrate social growth, pride in the community, and have a desire for educational achievement. 

Windermere Boulevard School

Windermere Boulevard School (grades PreK-5) is one of the most diverse schools in the Buffalo Niagara area. There are close to 750 students and includes children from over 30 countries in any given year. Windermere is in the Amherst school district, which is noted for its high academic standards, child-centered program and commitment to student success.  

BPS #17 
Early Childhood Center

BPS # 17 (grades PreK-4) is an Early Childhood Center located right down the street from the Canisius College campus.Early Childhood Center #17 provides a nurturing and challenging environment to help students maximize their potential.  

BPS #156 Frederick Law Olmsted 
Middle and High Schools

Olmsted Middle School and High School (grades 5-12) provides students with a challenging yet nurturing environment which fosters creative and innovative thinking.

King Center Charter School

KCCS (grades K-6) creates a positive learning environment by partnering with parents and community to ensure a student-centered environment.

Westminster Community Charter School 

The mission of Westminster Community Charter School (grades K-8) is that all students will graduate with the foundations to be successful in their future. They also work to see each student become productive and contributing to his or her community. 

BPS #95 Waterfront Elementary School 

Waterfront Elementary (grades PreK-8) states that their mission is to develop and nurture a desire for learning in their students. The professional staff is dedicated to high quality instruction that motivates students to persevere in order to meet challenges. 

Cantalician Center 

Cantalician Center, which is centered in the Catholic principle of Human Dignity, works to provide services to individuals with disabilities that offer opportunities and promote independence. 

Nichols School 

Nichols School is a coed, non-denominational independent college preparatory school for grades 5-12. Joseph D. Allen, second headmaster of Nichols, stated, “Our aim is to train minds, bodies and hearts for the work of life, and to carry into all we do the highest ideals of character and service.” 

Notre Dame Academy

Notre Dame Academy (grades PreK-8) provides a Catholic education, which centers on each child’s development and academic success. Notre Dame makes sure to create an atmosphere that promotes lifelong learning through a connection to home, school, and the community. 

Summit Educational Resouces
In association with the

Canisius Institute for Autism Research

Summit Educational Resources is dedicated to preparing children and adults with developmental disabilities or behavioral challenges and their families for success. Their vision is that people with a disability will achieve a full and productive life.

St. Mary's School for the Deaf
In association with the 
Master of Science in Deaf Education

St. Mary's School for the Deaf states that their mission is to deliver equitable access to exemplary educational programs that prepare deaf students to be self-directed, lifelong learners.

Hutchinson Tech; Clarence High School, Sacred Heart High School; Hamburg High School; St. Joseph Collegiate High School 

BPS #79 Grabiarz School of Excellence

PFC. William J. Grabiarz School of Excellence (PreK-8) provides a comprehensive, standards-based, challenging, developmentally responsive, educational program. In order to ensure the students’ success, faculty, students, parents, and the community work together. 

St. Joseph's - University 

St. Joseph University School (grades K-8) is a Catholic school located in Buffalo that prides itself on creating a encouraging environment and well-rounded curriculum. By doing this, they believe they are educating the whole child. In addition, St. Joseph faculty provides students with a foundation that empowers them to pursue their educational goals. 

BPS #74 Hamlin Park School

Hamlin Park School (grades K-8) strives to help every student become prepared, productive, and positive in order to become college and career ready.

For more information about partnering with Canisius or if you are interested in working with one of the schools listed above, contact Nancy Wallace, Ph.D., Director of School and Community Partnerships at 716-888-2768, or, at