Student Teaching

The student teaching experience provides teacher candidates the opportunity to practice the craft of teaching and to ask important questions about teaching and learning in a supportive school environment. Student teachers are fully immersed in the daily work of professional educators: building relationships, planning curriculum, delivering instruction and assessing student learning to continue the cycle of effective teaching and learning.

Student teaching takes place in a wide variety of classroom settings and schools, including public, private, Catholic and charter schools in Buffalo and the Western New York region. Teacher candidates complete a minimum of two student teaching placements, each in a different grade level according to the requirements of the specific teaching certificate for which he or she is preparing. Candidates can also expect to be learning to teach in the discipline or subject area for which they are seeking certification.

To be eligible for student teaching, the student must meet the following criteria.

During the student teaching experience, teacher candidates are guided and supported by two key individuals – the college supervisor and the cooperating teacher - who work collaboratively to support the growth and development of the student teacher.  

College Supervisors are experienced educators who serve as a liaison between the teacher candidate, the Office of Educational Partnerships and the school partner.  Supervisors are the primary mentor and advocate for the teacher candidate across the two placement student teaching experience.

Cooperating Teachers serve as mentors, models and instructors to our teacher candidates. Cooperating teachers model effective teaching practice, encourage and engage in inquiry and reflection into teaching practice, invite questions, and monitor and assess the growth and development of a teacher candidate. 

Student Teaching Handbook

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Student Teaching Schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information or questions regarding student teaching, contact:

Nancy Wallace, Ph.D.
Director School and Community Partnerships
Office of Educational Partnerships

Linda Murray
Administrative Associate
Office of Educational Partnerships